Attention health-care professionals that want high-quality, done-for-you mindful eating content to share with your clients or patients.

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Here Are 3 Of My Most Popular Mindful Eating Handouts That You Can Easily Print Off And Give To Your Patients or Clients To Help Them Eat More Mindfully

3 Professional Handouts
  • You will be able to download and print out each of these handouts and give them to your patients or clients
  • There are two different PDFs for each handout: a full-color version and a gray-scale version for easy printing
  • You're clients or patients can use these handouts to practice mindful eating techniques any time, any place

These Mindful Eating Handouts are not about telling your clients or patients what to eat and what not to eat and they're definitely not about dieting. Instead, they're about letting your clients or patients eat the foods they love in a mindful way.

What you'll receive in this exclusive, free package:

  • The 5's Of Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Eating Plate
  • The Mindful Eating Manifesto

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