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5 Surprising Ways To Eat More Mindfully

You have likely never tried these strategies before to rewire your response to food

5 Surprising Ways To Eat More Mindfully

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Congratulations! You are on your way to being a more mindful eater today! Thankfully, mindful eating is not a diet. There are no menus or recipes. It's about balancing HOW to eat with WHAT to eat. Mindful eating is about turning off autopilot and starting to eat just enough to feel satisfied. You will learn 5 surprisingly effective mindful eating techniques you've probably never heard of in this free downloadable PDF.

The benefits of download this document today:

  • The color of your plate matters. Find out which plate color causes people to eat less and which plate color causes people to eat the most. This is a zero effort mindful change!!
  • Learn how to reduce how much you eat by up to 30% just by adjusting HOW you eat. I don't mean conciously slowing down either. This one is very surprising!
  • Which body gestures communicate to your brain that you don't want to eat any more? Find out and apply them immediately.
  • Find out which food you should eat last to prevent yourself from eating more soon after you've finished eating..
  • Researchers at St. George's University of London found that this one simple process caused one group of people to eat far less chocolate then the other. Find out what that process is.
  • Downloadable 6 page PDF that can be printed as often as you want.