Attention anyone who wants a proven way to eat more mindfully in 2017

Mindful Eating Pledge 2015

The Mindful Eating Pledge contains 5 easy, effective ways to ditch dieting and eat more mindfully.

Mindful Eating Pledge 2016

The Mindful Eating Pledge is not about telling you what to eat and what not to eat and it's definitely not about dieting. Instead, it's about eating the foods you love in a mindful way.

Benefits of taking the 2017 Mindful Eating Pledge today:

  • Stop feeling guilty when you eat, feel more comfortable in your body, be more relaxed about food and enjoy eating again without obsessing.
  • 5 easy and effective ways to eat more mindfully.
  • Downloadable 1 page PDF that can be printed as often as you want.
  • You can post the pledge everywhere including your fridge, the bathroom mirror, your desk, in your car. Post it any place you'll read it often and remind yourself of your pledge to be more mindful in 2017.

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